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Client:  Sodexo

Location: Brighton

Project Value: Circa £131k

Programme: 6 weeks 

Project Management 

Health and Safety

Handover Documentation


To develop a frictionless bar for Brighton & Hove Albion FC 

The works were to create a bar in the Lower west stand of the football club. The bar works through supporters entering a turnstile by swiping a card to open the gate. Once in the bar area some 40 cameras installed on the bar ceiling pick up the supporter and any other with them and form a stick avatar or the individual. This then tracks the person and anything they pick up in the bar from drinks to pies and sausage rolls. Once they have picked them up they simply walk out the area through the exit gate and their card is automatically charged.

Celltarga’s role in the contract was to form the bar area and the divide between the front and back of house and coordinate the services for the bar, cameras and gates so they all coordinated.

This was a fast-paced project as it was undertaken between Brighton home games so as not to impact the fan experience or the club revenue from sales before, during and after the game.

Celltarga worked with the team to conclude all the design and procurement ahead of occupation of the area to have all items manufactured and ready to install. The works with the cameras, gates and testing took 3 of the 5-week programme with the bar successfully concluded for the home game against Spurs as a test bed.

On average a drink and food can be served in under 50 seconds from access through the gates to exit and completion of the transaction.

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